Types of Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are two things: validating and motivating. They validate where you are in your life path and explain the energies or overall feelings that you may not have put into words yet. The motivation comes when the road ahead is clear, uplifting, and easy to navigate. Brilliant things can happen when you choose to work with the Universe's energy! The Universe only wants us to succeed through challenges, opportunities, and the like- so it is best that we meet these with focus, energy and drive! There are several different types of readings in Astrology.
PLEASE NOTE: When you are ready to book, please include the type of reading
you'd like  so that Sandy can prepare the correct style of chart! 


Natal chart reading

This is the place to start for your very first astrology reading or when you looking for more self-understanding. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact time that you were born. Think of a natal chart as your personal User’s Manual. This chart explains how the planets (not just the sun) influence your personality, emotions, ambitions, the type of experience you seek in relationships, the type of people you are drawn to, career choices,  and the like can be explained with a natal chart reading. 

Recommended time: 45-60mins 


Current transit reading

Current transits are what astrologers look at when they write horoscopes or when referencing something taking place currently such as when a planet moves from one zodiac sign into another or when two planets make an aspect to eachother. For a personal transit reading, Sandy takes your natal chart and overlays on top of current planetary transits to pinpoint how the current happenings impact you personally. This chart gives good insight on questions, such as “why have I been feeling so weird, will I relocate, will romance pick-up, what's going on in my career, will I be successful in my court case?” etc. Request a Current Transit chart reading when you want to how the universe is influencing your personal universe.

Recommended time: 45-60mins


Electional Chart Reading

Finding the best time to complete a task (wedding days, applications, filing business info, talismans, etc), an electional chart reading is best suited for those who plan on taking their best, most planned, next step. Sandy is an expert in this category- especially since she elects times for all of her Personal Talisman clientele. 

Recommended time: 45-60mins


Relationship & synastry chart readings

Match up your chart with your love interest, mate, best friend, family member, and business partner to find out more about the dynamic of your relationship and how to best improve communication, spontaneity, love, and more. Discover how well you get along and why, where there can be challenges and best means of solutions, and how well you two support each others' personal growth. A composite chart can also be added to the reading to discover the natal chart of the relationship by not looking at the individuals' charts, but the relationship as if it were a person.

Recommended time: 2 hrs

solar return.jpg

Solar return chart reading

Every year the Sun returns to the exact degree and sign as of when we were born. This chart gives us an idea of what the year's themes, goals, and blessings will be! Sandy will also provide a time for you to hold sacred space for this pivotal moment. A solar return chart is your personal horoscope for the year (the twelve-month period starting on your birthday- or a day away). Your natal chart never changes and serves as your official manual; however, on your birthday each year, you get a new dose of cosmic energy that influences your personality and goals for that year. They say hindsight is 20/20 but foresight is just as valuable. The information gleaned from a solar return chart prepares you for experiences and lessons so you can better navigate them when they arise. This is a great birthday gift for yourself or a unique and personalized gift for someone else.

Recommended time: 45-60mins