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As some of you know, we love to keep in touch throughout your journey of intention. Our tribe has been making magic in their everyday lives and reaching new heights they hadn't believed before! Choosing to live everyday with intention is a conscious decision and we believe it is quite necessary!
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Absolutely outstanding!

Chatting with the Stars

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Sandy Rueve (Chicago, IL)

Fresh life path guidance!


I am such an advocate to this method of self-study. I recommend a reading to people who feel stuck in their lives or don’t know how to move forward. A reading is a great way to tap into their special/unique gifts to be of service to the world. 

I practice astrology, facilitate Moon Ceremony and live a life filled with intention. I’ve had my Natal Chart read numerous times, and thoroughly enjoyed this fresh perspective! The way I experience life is (obviously) so intricate and to have Sandy describe various astrological aspects that mirror my life experience’s is truly... so mystical and magical. 

Britt Lynn, Spiritual Communicator  (Las Vegas, NV)

Best Team of Astrologers!

Chatting with the stars - astrology readings

This is the best team of astrologers I have ever met. They dig deep into the stars to provide invaluable information (deeper than astrologers I have worked with in the past) to understand the challenges I am facing and to help make better decisions.

Wanda Whitson, Leadership Coach, Writer/Public Speaker (Chicago, IL)