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La Ventana, Mexico- January 2019

We are getting closer...

I am counting down the days until we begin the Light of the Moon Retreat in La Ventana/La Paz, Mexico! We will be diving into Astrology wisdom and retreating to the warm winds on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. When we study and learn about astrology, it really is a look through our psyche where we can observe ourselves. For those of you that are new to the Intention Beads retreats- I am so grateful to have you on board for this journey- and let me or Alex know if you have any questions.

We are a smaller sized group of 10, and I am excited for this since it will be an intimate and rich experience for us all. I am so excited to meet you and spend exciting, quality time with you! Each of my trips to Casa Tara have been incredible- the food, the rooms, the VIEW, the FOOD! I am thrilled to be traveling back, as the staff and owners of Casa Tara hold a special place in my heart.


What I need from you...

Steps to follow

  1. Download the Mexico Resource PDF
    (and keep this link for future reference!)

  2. Sign the Retreat Waiver

  3. Fill out the Retreat Form
    (collecting flight info, birth info, preferences)

Since we are coming closer to the retreat it is time to get clearer on, well, EVERYTHING! So please follow the steps to the right- the links are below! The resource PDF will have your packing lists, welcome letter, contact info, etc. Also, the daily schedule and airport pick-ups/drop-off will be sent to you all once we have a clear idea of when everyone is arrving and departing!

There are only TWO available spaces- so if you have any friends or colleagues in mind send them the links to the retreat at and the sign-up link to a free reading

Also, below you will also find some cute social post pictures that we created to announce your trip to Mexico! You can use our handles if you’d like to tag! (Facebook: @intentionbeads  Instagram: @intention_beads  #livewithintention #retreat)

With pure intention,

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Sandy Rueve
Astrologer + Alchemist
(pronounced: "ree-vee")





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Mexico Resource Page
(download the PDF above)

So excited to have you join us on our Mexico trip!
Please print this PDF so that you have this information handy when traveling

Before the trip...


As many countries require, you must have at least 6 months left on your passport before it expires when you arrive. Please double check! Also, it is smart to have a photocopy of your passport in your luggage just in the case that you lose it!


We recommend flying into Los Cabos International Airport or Manuel Márquez de León International Airport (La Paz) on January 5th afternoon (we start around 6pm with a meet & greet) and you can plan to depart January 12th afternoon/evening (we will have shuttles to the airport beginning in the morning). Feel free to add any extra time onto the beginning or end of the retreat- we can help you get longer accommodations at a discount. As soon as you have your airline itinerary, make sure you have updated the Retreat Form link with your flight info!


We recommend bringing some cash to exchange either at the airport or at a currency exchange. Larger bills will give you a better exchange rate, but feel free to bring some smaller bills- you can tip in U.S. bills. There may also be souvenirs, spa treatments, clothing, art, etc to budget for. And might we suggest a little bit of room in your suitcase for any extra items!


If your loved ones want to have your contact information for any type of emergencies, please share this information with them.

Casa Tara Resort (ask for Marcela or Anna)

  • Email:

  • Address:
    Corredor Isla Cerralvo S/N
    Carretera El Sargento - La Paz.
    El Sargento, BCS

  • Phone:
    +52 1 (612) 100 8616
    +52 1 (228) 286 4858


  • Travel documents (passport, copies of itinerary, etc)

  • Cash

  • A small, meaningful rock, crystal, or trinket   *for our sacred space alter

  • Clothes:

    • Bathing suit + cover-up

    • Shorts/skirts

    • Shirts/tanks

    • One Pajama outfit (we will let you know more later)

    • Long sleeve sweater or shawl (nights can become chilly on the ocean)

    • Underwear - thought we’d mention it ;)

    • Sunhat or visor

    • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals

    • Socks

  • Toiletries (including contact lens supplies, feminine products, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor) *Shampoo/conditioner/soap is provided, but if you are bringing your own, please chose eco-friendly products!

  • Small backpack, daypack or fanny pack for any day trips

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Medications  (we always go for the natural route- but don’t forget them if they’re important!)

    • Prescriptions or sleep aids

    • Ibuprofen (for headaches, aches, etc.), Imodium (for bigger stomach issues), Dramamine (for motion sickness), etc.

  • Antiseptic wipes

  • Insect repellent

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Camera

  • Laptop (Internet is widely available and wireless is also available)

  • Chargers

  • Journal and pen (for workshop notes)

  • E-reader or a good book

  • Extra room in a suitcase or an empty suitcase/duffle bag for souvenirs

PROVIDED FOR YOU (although you can choose to bring your own) :

  • Travel/beach towel

  • Yoga mat, blocks, bolsters, straps

  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap *if you are bringing your own, please bring eco-friendly products!

Helpful Apps

  • Whats App (iOS | Android) – A great way to text and call internationally over wifi and over iOS and Android. Make sure to download this app and share it with those you need to contact BEFORE leaving the US!

  • Duolingo (iOS | Android) – Are you still learning Spanish? Duolingo gamifies language learning to help you nail new vocabulary and grammar

  • Google translate (iOS | Android) – Use Google Translate to help decipher signs, menus, and conversations you can’t understand. Before you go, download the Spanish pack so you can translate sans wifi or data

At the Airport…

Once you arrive at the airport- You will first go thru immigration, baggage, and customs. While filling out the immigration forms, you will need the address below to Casa Tara. We will let everyone know where and when to meet your ride at the airport. The trip from Los Cabos Airport to the resort is an easy, smooth drive (1 hour and 45 mins).

Casa Tara Resort:

Address:  Corredor Isla Cerralvo S/N  Carretera El Sargento - La Paz., El Sargento, BCS, MEXICO

Phone: +52 1 (612) 100 8616


While in Mexico….


There will be many opportunities for complimentary wi-fi. Usually, this is enough of a connection for visitors, however, you can look into your provider’s options if you need an international phone or SIM card.

  • International Plans

  • WhatsApp: FREE A great app that you and your loved ones can download to either voice-chat or text while you are on Wi-Fi. Download link

  • Facebook: Facebook Messenger has made many strides for International calls. You also, can video chat with the mobile app!


Helpful Links:


Corredor Isla Cerralvo S/N
Carretera El Sargento - La Paz.
El Sargento, BCS

+52 1 (612) 100 8616
+52 1 (228) 286 4858