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The Year Ahead: Cosmic Trends in 2018

Please join us as we set intentions for 2018 and say farewell to 2017!

Another year has passed. We find that the best use of this after-the-holidays downtime is to reflect on the past year- and begin setting intentions for the new year. We have come across a company, The Year Compass, that brings people together all over the world to create a more mindful year using a workbook (in over 19 different languages so far). For this new year, we want to gift you, our Intention Beads customers, a package with a printed copy of The Year Ahead workbook. Now, don't worry if you haven't received a copy in the past- we only have a limited amount and our customer database doesn't have everyone's physical address! You can request a digital copy any time up until the Dec. 30 event or request a printed copy by filling out your shipping address below before December 18, 2018, if you'd like us to ship one to you. Your preliminary homework is to fill out as much of the workbook before the event- we will go over the universal 2017 cosmic trends to see similarities or differences in your 2016 experience as well as the 2018 cosmic trends to help us plan and set our intentions!

EVENT:    The Year Ahead: Cosmic Trends in 2018
WHEN:    Saturday, Dec. 30 10am-11:30am

WHERE:  Facebook LIVE *make sure to like us on facebook

  • Register for the Free event (Dec. 30) or PAID events (Dec. 30 and throughout 2018)
  • Do your best to complete the workbook (you will have time to polish it up after our event- just get an overall idea of the workbook)
  • Bring your 2018 Calendar (to mark astrological trends)
  • Bring your 2017 Calendar (for further reflection)

Looking for a Private One-on-One with Sandy and Susan?

*We are also hosting PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE Skype sessions with Sandy and Susan for the year! This will involve a 50min personal recap of 2017 and outlook on 2018 for your chart. Sandy and Susan will provide you with astrological guidance + personal coaching that is tailored specifically to you and your chart. Want us to keep you accountable? Sign-up for the Year-Long Coaching sessions!

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*We would also like to invite you to join as a paid participant. You will have a 50 min coaching session with Sandy + Susan ($120) or multiple throughout the year ($400)