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Intention Beads Workshop: Create Your Own Talisman Bead

  • PDG Health and Wellness Center 909 Prospect Street #Ste 290B San Diego, CA 92037 USA (map)

Intention Beads Workshop - Living in Intention: Aligning with the Energy of the Planets.

Create your own personal talisman bead with Sandy Rueve, astrologer, millefiori clay talisman, creator of Intention Beads. Use the auspicious energy of the transiting planets.

The talismans are baked, so the energy is permanent, and they are assembled into a bead charm that reminds and energizes the wearer. Sandy has helped many to not only find, but also manifest their dreams with the help of astrology. (Learn more at

Material Cost: $25

Hosted by the wellness team of:

Susan Curry of InteriorWerx - Intuitive Medical and Life Coach, specializing in the removal of emotional triggers. (

Paul Gamache, LAc of PDG Health - Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, specializing in sports medicine and family health.

ReNee Greenberg, RN, LAc, IFMCP of Women's Hormone Health, Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, specializing in women's health and wellness.

Scott Olsen, BCTMB, CMT, HKC of Beyond the Muscle, Body Mechanic, Orthopedic and Biomechanical Therapist, specializing in injury recovery, movement, and soft tissue therapy.