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Solar Eclipse Celebration

Come celebrate and view the solar eclipse with Intention Beads! While the moon will not totally cover the sun from our viewpoint in Evanston, the views from 12-1:30 will be amazing! For a preview, check out this simulation! An eclipse has not crossed the span of the United States since 1918 so this is super special! (For more information, check out this site)

Eclipses are times to face our fears and practice devotion; what better way to do that than with a group of intentional people!

We ask that you arrive at some time after 11 but before 12 to be settled in for our programming. Your ticket will provide you with:

Catered lunch (vegetarian options available)


Talk by Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel

Individual astrology charts so you can see what house the eclipse is in for you!

Eye-safety sunglasses and great company for the viewing

Get your ticket and we'll send out emails regarding parking and location!


Additionally, we are hosting a New Moon Circle for August's new Moon later this afternoon. Get tickets fast before it fills up here!