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Chatting With the Stars: Insight for Everyday Life

Everyone asks, "What's your sign?"... but did you know there is SO much more to Astrology than just your sun sign?  Your sun is your identity/self-image and where the sun was when you were born, depicts your type of sun sign (ie Taurus (stable), Gemini (witty), Cancer (nurturing), etc). Our identities and self image is BIG stuff, and makes sense why all general horoscopes only mention the sun sign. 

BUT consider this- your sun sign is one of MANY aspects of your chart. And monthly horoscopes just don't do it for us. This is because you are unique and your birthday shouldn't be generalized to span a whole month. Although there are similarities, there are also differences between you and all the other same sun-signs, right? That is where the other planets come in! Now, if someone asked, "What is your moon sign?" Well, the moon sign is how you express your emotions & feelings. OR your rising sign? That is usually people's first impressions of you. So if any of this sounds intriguing, sign up- there is plenty more to learn about your chart!

What to expect

Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel, both knowledgeable & practiced astrologers, want to bring the stars down to earth for you! Appointments will be available in 15min increments and can be scheduled here:

What to ask

Feel free to come to the event without an agenda, or ask burning questions like: When is the best time to start my company? When is a good time to move? What type of man/woman is best suited for me? Many people have turned to astrology to help with planning and to help gain insight into themselves.

What to do

Make sure that you have your birth information (Month, Day, Year, Time*, City, State). When your appointment time slot comes, Sandy & Susan will call you at the number (or Skype name) you provide.
*time should be as exact as you can

How often

Every fourth Monday and second Wednesday of the month!
(Unless re-scheduled due to conflicts)