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BALI: Journey of the Heart

Bali Hati: The Heart of Bali

Immerse in the culture, spirituality, nature and people of Bali. Known as the land of a thousand Temples, Bali is home to a people whose life is overflowing with spirit, love, connection, and simplicity. Please join us on this Journey of the Heart!

A Quick Summary of the trip:

Bali has become a sanctuary for my soul. A place where my body, mind, and spirit can live together as a collective. I can’t wait to go back!
— Alex R.

A 13-day retreat to discover an enriched sense of self: body, mind, & spirit. As we adventure through ancient Balinese traditions, sacred sites, and modern practices (yoga, nutrition, meditation, astrology) you will be personally guided by mentors Sandy Rueve, Solomon Sikirdji, and Balinese healers.

This year, Intention Beads is bringing a new workshop element of Astrology and Talisman-making. As you know, Sandy Rueve's creations are unparalleled. Intention Beads has come aboard the 'Journey of the Heart' to help us all look thru the lens of Astrology into our hearts. During our multi-day workshop you will delve into your own chart- gaining insight into all aspects of your life and the universal inter-workings going on everyday. Then, with this insight, we will explore our inter-workings thru meditation, exercises, and group work to set our energized Intentions and release limiting thought patterns. Finally, Sandy will teach you how to set your intentions in clay by hand-making your own talisman (in Mala form).

During our Journey, it is a sacred time for the Balinese with many ceremonies happening.  For instance, on April 15th we will go to a special temple where we will witness over a 100 Balinese going into trance for a very special ceremony.  This will be an incredibly unique and once in a lifetime experience.

Our first trip to Bali

We traveled to Bali to scope it out! Take a look at our lessons (and photos) of our first trip to one of the most sacred places on earth, Bali.

Our intention for this retreat is for us all to clean out the "cobwebs" of our heart and soul, purify and cleanse what needs letting go of so that we can plant new seeds and fertilize them to grow in order for us to step up to truly being our highest, clearest self.  We will do many different practices to help us thru this loving process. Among them will be astrology, Yoga, some re-birthing (healing breathe of release), chanting and singing,  ecstatic dance, being in nature and, of course, diving into Balinese culture, life, and religion.

Also there are many different spas and healers in Bali.  Everyone is gifted a welcome massage once you've arrived. We will eat very delicious Balinese cuisine and have severalevenings of Balinese dance and music.  We will visit temples, sacred grounds, and manywater places of Bali cold water springs, hot water springs, and of course, the ocean.

Interested in learning more?

Sandy Rueve, founder of Intention Beads, would like to GIFT YOU A FREE ASTROLOGY READING! During your complimentary reading, Sandy will explore your chart to see whether the Journey of the Heart is right for you.

Where can I find out more details?
(i.e. cost, accommodations, what to bring)

The cost of the trip is US $2,000 and does not include airfare. Learn more about what is covered by clicking below: