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BEGIN: A fresh start to 2016 + make your own mala!

Give yourself a gift this year... start fresh. And make your own mala!

We all know it. New Years mean new resolutions, fresh starts, and new beginings. However, January 3rd is an even MORE SPECIAL day for that. Astrologically speaking, there will be 4 planets at 0 degrees, making this day a universally great day for FRESH STARTS. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO planets in retrograde, which is such a rare occurance, we should ALL participate. And you will be taking home a handmade mala...

The Details

Join us for welcoming the new year! All attendees will hand create a talisman mala, process thru meditation, set an intention for the new year. This is a wonderful and sacred gift to give ourselves- a resolution to LIVE WITH INTENTION!


Each attendee will be provided their personal chart with a focus on JUPITER + Zero Degree planitary transits. Jupiter is our cosmic Santa Clause and brings abundance into our lives, and the best time to start fresh is with zero degree aspects. Astrologers, Sandy Rueve + Susan Gidel, will provide you with the insight to a whole year of love, finances, and more!


There will be a new guided meditiation! Let's vision and begin this year with a beginner's mind, an open heart, and some BIG visions! Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or meditation pillow for comfort during meditation.


MAKE YOUR OWN MALA- this is a first for Intention Beads! Hand string all 108 sacred beads + hand make your personal guru bead (an idea of what it will look like below). Your mala can be worn & meditated with- we will brief you on how to use a mala! And... like all Intention Beads events, eveyone will be guided to write an intention to take away. Living with Intention is our motto after all!


Intention Beads will provide light refreshments like fruit/veggies, mini sandwiches, and dips. Teas and beverages.

*This event is open to all, and is a 4+ hour event. Usually, our events are 3 hours, and always go by quickly!


WANT MORE? Join us before this event (December 31st, 2015) for our REFLECT: Healing & loving our 2015 experience event. Ask us for the discount code if you will be joining us for both events!


Later Event: January 10
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