Bali Retreat Recap Video

What a journey!

This year has undoubtedly been a whirlwind. According to my calculations, I have been home for ~59 days and traveling the rest. One of my greatest memories was my retreat to Bali. Every year seems to ignite a deeper love and respect for the Balinese culture. The video below is a long one, but a thorough look into what we did as a group! I would love to invite you to our upcoming retreat happening April 16-26, 2018: Click here for more info on the 2018 Bali Trip

Workshops and Events

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to create a sacred space to explore who we are and what we yearn for. Intention Beads hosts monthly workshops and events where our clients find the answers to questions they have and are given the chance to find an inner peace they have been searching for. 


Every month there is a New Moon. It is opposite of the Full Moon and is representative of a time for action, new beginnings, a fresh start, etc. To celebrate this New Moon, we host a gathering in our studio to invite the powerful energy in and envision our path for the month. There is always a certain aspect about each month's New Moon that makes it unique. Depending on which planets or constellations are transitioning during the New Moon, the mediation and focus adjusts to align our focus with the universal shifts.

Clients come in and create their own handmade talisman while reciting a mantra they write. The experience can be extremely meaningful and truly resonates with our higher selves. Our goal is to connect you better with your own mind and emotions while giving you a physical totem to carry with you.


Along with these New Moon circles, we have consultations, or as we like to call them, chats. Our Chatting With the Stars conversations are private and open. These two to one consults are geared towards answering questions that people have. These questions can be as general or as specific as needed during their allotted 15 minute time frame. Often, people know their 'sign' depending on their birthday. You know the one, the sign we skip to when reading the monthly horoscope in the back of a magazine which tells us that this is the month where we should wear a lot of red, or ask that guy out on a date but this small paragraph on the back cover page of a tabloid is not what we do at this event.

Some popular questions we answer are:

"I have to take this test in order to pass a class or get a promotion, when is the best time for me to take it?"

"I am so miserable in my job, I know I need to change careers, but I don't know when to make the move to this new field, can you tell me when the best time is?"

"What is astrology...?"

Every person has so much more than the initial sun sign which is dependent on their birthday. Whether a client is completely new to the field of astrology or they have been following it for years, astrology nights are perfect to answer any questions or reignite a passion they may have been neglecting for some time. We love hosting events and teaching new clients all about astrology, setting intentions and how to practice they're intention daily.


Interested in being a part of an upcoming event at our studio? Take a look at our calendar and workshops on Eventbrite and reserve a seat today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you Live Your Intention!