The Personal Talisman Process: One Woman's Story

Ever wondered what happens during a Personal Intention Bracelet process? Here is your answer: One Personal Talisman Client's experience throughout the process

What a beautiful process, with a gorgeous, tangible reminder in my mailbox. 

Rewind to the creation of my Personal Intention Beads Bracelet, when I received an email asking for my specific birth information: where I was born, exact time of my birth—that sort of thing. At that time, I was able to choose the colors of the beads that Sandy would use to create a personalized bracelet based on my unique intentions. A simple though daunting task, I sat at my computer for more than 10 minutes, choosing the colors that truly “spoke” to me. What colors represent me? Did I want to go with fiery red or energetic yellow? Should I choose the more subdued blues and purples? I ended up with a combination of both—yellow-green, blue, and purple. And although I hadn’t quite formed the words that would be “my intention” just yet, I felt comfortable knowing that it was balanced—some calm, mixed with some energy. 

A few days after choosing a date and time for my preliminary reading, I received a confirmation email. The process seemed simple so far. Two weeks later, it was the morning of my session. I opened my inbox to see an email from Sandy with a colorfully marked natal chart attached. I felt giddy, excited, and a bit nervous. What was this all about? How much information should I reveal? Did it make sense to hold back or to give her the full picture—was I even seeing the complete picture? These questions swirled around me as I carefully observed my natal chart. It was like reading Greek, or Chinese for that matter. From my teenaged obsession with reading the daily horoscopes, I was able to decipher the zodiac signs, but my understanding ended there. 

I needed a translator. That’s where Sandy came in. She asked me to sit in quiet meditation before the call. She joined in from afar and our energies aligned. When the phone rang, I felt like a little girl that had just won a prize at the boardwalk. My stomach jumped as I breathed deeply. Upon hearing her calming voice, I instantly knew that I had to reveal everything in order to get the best reading. And I did—but not until Sandy asked for the information. She translated each piece of the natal chart, explaining how I show up in the world and how I initiate relationships with others around me. What a fascinating experience—looking to the heavens for an explanation of earthly behaviors. 

Troubling times—and there have been a few—were right on the mark. She pinpointed the date, down to the month, of the times my “backpack got heavier” because of added responsibilities, and also spoke about balance—Universal balance, that is. An awareness that life is as intended, and that I need to live for myself before I can share my gifts with others. 

Wow. She hit it all on the head. I should mention that Sandy and I had only met briefly once before. This reading was based solely on the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars—that’s a beautiful thing. 

Toward the end of the call, we took all of this understanding and translated it into words that would become my intention, or my goal, and my affirmation—my path, and my life’s purpose for the foreseeable future. We both meditated on these words for some time after the call, during which time Sandy searched for my ‘Go Time’—the exact moment in time that best supports my unique intention and affirmation. During my ‘Go Time,’ I closed my eyes and repeated the self-affirming words that Sandy and I had crafted together as she hand-rolled and strung the beads that she artistically created and chose based on my colors and intention. 

A week or so later, a package arrived. As carefully and as lovingly as it was created, the bracelet was wrapped and filled with goodness and pure intention. It has my chosen balanced colors, imparting a sense of calm every time it graces my wrist. The bracelet came with a registration card so that the connection does not end when the beads are shipped. As I wear my beads, I live my intention, and I bring Sandy along with me on my journey. This beautiful piece of jewelry is a reminder of the powerful energetic process that led me to develop life-guiding words that continually ground and support me. Aside from receiving a one-of-a-kind bracelet, the creative process itself was enlightening and self-affirming, helping to propel me on my journey toward a future of balance, knowing, and fulfillment.