2017 Solar Eclipse Celebration Recap

Monday, August 21, 2017 | Music: Thank You Again (Acoustic) 2016 Michael McGlone, Kristi Taylor & Darren Taylor
At an eclipse, our attachments to limiting beliefs, things and people come sharply into focus.
— Adam Gainsburg

The Great American Eclipse

Gratitude. Feeling so much gratitude after our Solar Eclipse celebration! 

A truly inspiring moment of unity and transformation, this 2017 Solar Eclipse was focused and driven to unite the United States and transform our ideas of leadership. We began the day with an easy yoga practice with yogini, Kristi Taylor. The yoga practice was geared to creating presence and peace before the eclipse! Each participant's astrological charts were printed custom to their birth time and location, where they could see what area of their lives this eclipse was affecting. Want to see how the Eclipse is affecting you? Schedule a reading over the phone. 
Our hosts, Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel began their presentation on the history, meanings, and overall astrological explanation of the Eclipse, which we will share some talking points below. Once the eclipse began, the energy was excited and awe-filled. For some, this was their first eclipse and even for those of us that had seen them, this eclipse still brought novelty and expansive ideas.  

What is an Eclipse?

There are two types of eclipses, Solar and Lunar. The difference is in the placement of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Also, the degree of the Lunar Nodes creates the degree of totality (since the shadow does miss the earth's surface or casts on the ocean). When the Earth is sandwiched between the Sun and Moon is a Lunar Eclipse- where the Sun's light is blocked from the Moon from the Earth- this gives the moon a deep red shadow. The lunar eclipse can only happen when there is a Full Moon- since the Sun and Moon are in what's called an opposition. A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are in what's called a conjunction. The Moon winds up being sandwiched between the Sun and Earth while casting a shadow on the Earth's surface. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.44.52 PM.png

The symbolism of Eclipses (mainly speaking of Solar Eclipses) is a hard stopping point. The Total Solar Eclipse was historically a frightening, life-changing experience when humans believed the gods to be angry with them, thus taking away the sun. After those long 2+ minutes of the eclipse, the sun would reappear- giving those in the shadow a new sense of appreciation and a brand new lease on life. Astrologically, a solar eclipse symbolizes a death and re-brith in our lives. To be more specific, an astrologer must look at what house the eclipse is in and/or any important aspects of your planets. 

Solar Eclipse Effects:
by house


  1. Focus on personal development and self recognition. Identify weakness to develop an express more fully. Expand personal horizons to overcome blocks to personal growth. Take on a leadership role. Initiate a strength building program.
  2. Focus on financial and material status. Expand resources rather than take on new debt. Lead based on personal values. Be proud of yourself. Try a new investment program.
  3. Focus on intellectual and communication issues. Learn and teach. Express ideas and knowledge via spoken or written word. Speak up! Be the leader among your siblings and neighbors. Drive a convertible.
  4. Focus on home life and family relationships. Make adjustments to satisfy emotions, needs, insecurity. Add some bling to your home. Be proud of your accomplishments.
  5. Focus on expressing creativity and affections. Be joyful. Get on stage. Show your stuff, probably. Take a risk.
  6. Focus on personal health, work environment, and job relationships.Implement better health and nutritional practices. Find a healthy way to interact with coworkers. Reduce unhealthy work habits. Say yes to a bigger job. At heart tests at the doctor. Start a charity.
  7. Focus on one to one relationships, both personal and business. Find harmony and balance. Support of partners goals. Partner with the leader. Make the first move in a relationship.
  8. Focus on sharing material goods. Arouse sexual urges. Propose marriage. Celebrate a lost life. Invest boldly.
  9. Focus on your definition of wisdom and truth. Expand your mind through higher education and travel to other cultures. Stand up for your beliefs. Applied to the best school. Visit lands in foreign royalty.
  10. Focus of career advancement, public recognition, and social reputation. Promote your accomplishments. Ask for raise. Become the CEO.
  11. Focus on society and human race. Get involved with humanitarian groups. Put your group in the spotlight. Dream big!
  12. Focus on psychological development and spiritual growth. Come out of your spiritual closet. Bring attention to "the hidden" in society.

Eclipse offerings:

During the eclipse, we made Intention Beads Celestial Malas/Bracelets as well as charged aromatherapy lava rocks in the shadow of the moon. These items are about clean, fresh starts and transforming into our more radiant selves.