The Story

Over 20 years ago, Sandy Rueve discovered how to make handmade clay beads that were created with colorful designs that lasted for a long, long time. She started to sell these clay beads as necklaces, bracelets and earrings; thus She Beads, her original company, was created.

The years went by and business was growing and becoming well known. Sandy was proud that she was able to take one of her hobbies into a profitable business. Later, she started a new hobby- astrology. After traveling the world for seminars and meeting with astrology mentors, Sandy realized that she could pair her love of astrology with her love of making clay beads. And thus, Sandy transformed another hobby into her newest endeavor, Intention Beads.

Essentially, Intention Beads follows the same handmade process as She Beads, however Intention Beads has much more to offer those looking to have a bigger connection to their jewelry. Sandy researches when powerful astrological transits will be taking place, and depending on which planets are transitioning, that time is noted and a corresponding affirmation is written and attached. During that noted time, she makes the beads and recites the affirmation. In this mindful state, Sandy transfers the present energy to the beads. And all in harmony, the power of the transit, the handmade talisman, and the words involved in the affirmation become a mantra for whomever will wear the talisman.


Our mission is not simply to make jewelry. Our mission is to teach our clients how to live a life filled with positivity, courage and enlightenment. We provide different pieces in our Intention line such as bracelets, Orbit Necklaces and Mala prayer beads to give people a variety to choose from. We also host workshops and events in our studio such as Astrology Consultations and meditative circles to celebrate the New Moon every month.

We encourage everyone to get in touch with us on social media in order to hear the latest news as well as gain inspiration or motivation to #LiveYourIntention


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