Intentional Living Helps Mind & Body


It's right there all over our Instagram. Our mission at Intention Beads is to create an avenue for our customers to think positively about themselves, their actions and their lives. We offer our intentions and mantras in order for a person to get help accomplishing a certain thing they might be struggling with. For some it might not be enough to simply have a mantra to repeat everyday, so having an affirmation that you wear is a great way to remind yourself to recite and act on those words.

It is so important to live your life with a purpose and an intention, because otherwise what's the point of being put on this awesome earth with all these other fun people? Having a specific intention to work towards makes everyday great because you come closer and closer to the achievement of a goal, and who doesn't love being patted on the back? Even if the pat comes from yourself, it is an amazing feeling to know that you lived the day to the fullest and that you are being your best self.

We follow some seriously good bloggers, and we want to connect them with you! We chose some great ones that truly emulate our mission of positivity, self love and motivation. Positively Present is one in particular from which I grabbed a quote that really drives the point home:

"Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them." Brendan Francis

Imagine this...a world where our eyes and ears are not assaulted with the latest fads and trends when it comes to our physical health. Wouldn't that be something?! In my opinion, our health should not be governed by how many reps we can do of one exercise or how fast we can complete of another. Our health should be something individualized for our own body type, habits and lifestyle.

I for one abhor running outside. The impact of pavement hurts my knees and I get bored after running for even one suburban block. Gym memberships are totally affordable, but only so long as you don't consume anything but water and saltine crackers to make up the cost every month.

Don't get me wrong, physical fitness is important, and some fitness blogs we love to follow offer sage and sane advice for workout newbies like me. I especially like Born Fitness. The workouts they provide are so much more than my brain could spontaneously think to do while jamming to the new Walk the Moon album and regretting leaving my latest Netflix binge. If I was at all concerned about the amount of calories I put into my body, I would for sure reference these guys over at Born Fitness to give me delicious recipes, upbeat workouts and good stretching tips. Read Born Fitness

Something that is lacking in the department of Fitness blogs is one of the most important pillars of overall health- mentality. Here at Intention Beads, we strive to offer stability and strength to our clients in the way of Intentional Living. We are adamant in the belief that what you believe, you achieve. Our intentions are aimed towards those that are searching for a helping hand in a specific matter in their life.

What is the point of looking your best if you're not feeling your best? You can work out to your heart's content, but if the rest of your day is filled with negativity or sadness, your overall result is going to be hindered by this rather large nuance.