The Personal Talisman Process: One Woman's Story

Ever wondered what happens during a Personal Intention Bracelet process? Here is your answer: One Personal Talisman Client's experience throughout the process

What a beautiful process, with a gorgeous, tangible reminder in my mailbox. 

Rewind to the creation of my Personal Intention Beads Bracelet, when I received an email asking for my specific birth information: where I was born, exact time of my birth—that sort of thing. At that time, I was able to choose the colors of the beads that Sandy would use to create a personalized bracelet based on my unique intentions. A simple though daunting task, I sat at my computer for more than 10 minutes, choosing the colors that truly “spoke” to me. What colors represent me? Did I want to go with fiery red or energetic yellow? Should I choose the more subdued blues and purples? I ended up with a combination of both—yellow-green, blue, and purple. And although I hadn’t quite formed the words that would be “my intention” just yet, I felt comfortable knowing that it was balanced—some calm, mixed with some energy. 

A few days after choosing a date and time for my preliminary reading, I received a confirmation email. The process seemed simple so far. Two weeks later, it was the morning of my session. I opened my inbox to see an email from Sandy with a colorfully marked natal chart attached. I felt giddy, excited, and a bit nervous. What was this all about? How much information should I reveal? Did it make sense to hold back or to give her the full picture—was I even seeing the complete picture? These questions swirled around me as I carefully observed my natal chart. It was like reading Greek, or Chinese for that matter. From my teenaged obsession with reading the daily horoscopes, I was able to decipher the zodiac signs, but my understanding ended there. 

I needed a translator. That’s where Sandy came in. She asked me to sit in quiet meditation before the call. She joined in from afar and our energies aligned. When the phone rang, I felt like a little girl that had just won a prize at the boardwalk. My stomach jumped as I breathed deeply. Upon hearing her calming voice, I instantly knew that I had to reveal everything in order to get the best reading. And I did—but not until Sandy asked for the information. She translated each piece of the natal chart, explaining how I show up in the world and how I initiate relationships with others around me. What a fascinating experience—looking to the heavens for an explanation of earthly behaviors. 

Troubling times—and there have been a few—were right on the mark. She pinpointed the date, down to the month, of the times my “backpack got heavier” because of added responsibilities, and also spoke about balance—Universal balance, that is. An awareness that life is as intended, and that I need to live for myself before I can share my gifts with others. 

Wow. She hit it all on the head. I should mention that Sandy and I had only met briefly once before. This reading was based solely on the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars—that’s a beautiful thing. 

Toward the end of the call, we took all of this understanding and translated it into words that would become my intention, or my goal, and my affirmation—my path, and my life’s purpose for the foreseeable future. We both meditated on these words for some time after the call, during which time Sandy searched for my ‘Go Time’—the exact moment in time that best supports my unique intention and affirmation. During my ‘Go Time,’ I closed my eyes and repeated the self-affirming words that Sandy and I had crafted together as she hand-rolled and strung the beads that she artistically created and chose based on my colors and intention. 

A week or so later, a package arrived. As carefully and as lovingly as it was created, the bracelet was wrapped and filled with goodness and pure intention. It has my chosen balanced colors, imparting a sense of calm every time it graces my wrist. The bracelet came with a registration card so that the connection does not end when the beads are shipped. As I wear my beads, I live my intention, and I bring Sandy along with me on my journey. This beautiful piece of jewelry is a reminder of the powerful energetic process that led me to develop life-guiding words that continually ground and support me. Aside from receiving a one-of-a-kind bracelet, the creative process itself was enlightening and self-affirming, helping to propel me on my journey toward a future of balance, knowing, and fulfillment.

Cosmic Trends: Q1 2018

Re-Cap: Cosmic Trends: Q1 2018

Every quarter our own Sandy Rueve & Susan Gidel get together to chat about their favorite and not-so-favorite astrological upcoming trends. Quarter 1 is a special 2-hour video describing the universal horoscope for all. We also have a live audience during the taping that stays for another 4-hour workshop where Sandy and Susan work in-depth with their personal natal charts. The main focus- is how the upcoming transits could affect them individually! Check out this quarter's Cosmic Trends below and save the date (March 31) for the next Cosmic Trends: Q2  

Bali Retreat Recap Video

What a journey!

This year has undoubtedly been a whirlwind. According to my calculations, I have been home for ~59 days and traveling the rest. One of my greatest memories was my retreat to Bali. Every year seems to ignite a deeper love and respect for the Balinese culture. The video below is a long one, but a thorough look into what we did as a group! I would love to invite you to our upcoming retreat happening April 16-26, 2018: Click here for more info on the 2018 Bali Trip

2017 Solar Eclipse Celebration Recap

Monday, August 21, 2017 | Music: Thank You Again (Acoustic) 2016 Michael McGlone, Kristi Taylor & Darren Taylor
At an eclipse, our attachments to limiting beliefs, things and people come sharply into focus.
— Adam Gainsburg

The Great American Eclipse

Gratitude. Feeling so much gratitude after our Solar Eclipse celebration! 

A truly inspiring moment of unity and transformation, this 2017 Solar Eclipse was focused and driven to unite the United States and transform our ideas of leadership. We began the day with an easy yoga practice with yogini, Kristi Taylor. The yoga practice was geared to creating presence and peace before the eclipse! Each participant's astrological charts were printed custom to their birth time and location, where they could see what area of their lives this eclipse was affecting. Want to see how the Eclipse is affecting you? Schedule a reading over the phone. 
Our hosts, Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel began their presentation on the history, meanings, and overall astrological explanation of the Eclipse, which we will share some talking points below. Once the eclipse began, the energy was excited and awe-filled. For some, this was their first eclipse and even for those of us that had seen them, this eclipse still brought novelty and expansive ideas.  

What is an Eclipse?

There are two types of eclipses, Solar and Lunar. The difference is in the placement of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Also, the degree of the Lunar Nodes creates the degree of totality (since the shadow does miss the earth's surface or casts on the ocean). When the Earth is sandwiched between the Sun and Moon is a Lunar Eclipse- where the Sun's light is blocked from the Moon from the Earth- this gives the moon a deep red shadow. The lunar eclipse can only happen when there is a Full Moon- since the Sun and Moon are in what's called an opposition. A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are in what's called a conjunction. The Moon winds up being sandwiched between the Sun and Earth while casting a shadow on the Earth's surface. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 2.44.52 PM.png

The symbolism of Eclipses (mainly speaking of Solar Eclipses) is a hard stopping point. The Total Solar Eclipse was historically a frightening, life-changing experience when humans believed the gods to be angry with them, thus taking away the sun. After those long 2+ minutes of the eclipse, the sun would reappear- giving those in the shadow a new sense of appreciation and a brand new lease on life. Astrologically, a solar eclipse symbolizes a death and re-brith in our lives. To be more specific, an astrologer must look at what house the eclipse is in and/or any important aspects of your planets. 

Solar Eclipse Effects:
by house


  1. Focus on personal development and self recognition. Identify weakness to develop an express more fully. Expand personal horizons to overcome blocks to personal growth. Take on a leadership role. Initiate a strength building program.
  2. Focus on financial and material status. Expand resources rather than take on new debt. Lead based on personal values. Be proud of yourself. Try a new investment program.
  3. Focus on intellectual and communication issues. Learn and teach. Express ideas and knowledge via spoken or written word. Speak up! Be the leader among your siblings and neighbors. Drive a convertible.
  4. Focus on home life and family relationships. Make adjustments to satisfy emotions, needs, insecurity. Add some bling to your home. Be proud of your accomplishments.
  5. Focus on expressing creativity and affections. Be joyful. Get on stage. Show your stuff, probably. Take a risk.
  6. Focus on personal health, work environment, and job relationships.Implement better health and nutritional practices. Find a healthy way to interact with coworkers. Reduce unhealthy work habits. Say yes to a bigger job. At heart tests at the doctor. Start a charity.
  7. Focus on one to one relationships, both personal and business. Find harmony and balance. Support of partners goals. Partner with the leader. Make the first move in a relationship.
  8. Focus on sharing material goods. Arouse sexual urges. Propose marriage. Celebrate a lost life. Invest boldly.
  9. Focus on your definition of wisdom and truth. Expand your mind through higher education and travel to other cultures. Stand up for your beliefs. Applied to the best school. Visit lands in foreign royalty.
  10. Focus of career advancement, public recognition, and social reputation. Promote your accomplishments. Ask for raise. Become the CEO.
  11. Focus on society and human race. Get involved with humanitarian groups. Put your group in the spotlight. Dream big!
  12. Focus on psychological development and spiritual growth. Come out of your spiritual closet. Bring attention to "the hidden" in society.

Eclipse offerings:

During the eclipse, we made Intention Beads Celestial Malas/Bracelets as well as charged aromatherapy lava rocks in the shadow of the moon. These items are about clean, fresh starts and transforming into our more radiant selves. 

Our Trip to India: Stories and Lessons

India is indescribable, although we will try…

Every morning in Goa, when the local mosque audio-casted their prayers over the loud speakers, we awoke and simply listened to India- and her morning song. As the man chanted prayers, the birds kept wild rhythm with their chirps, calls, and sounds unheard before; The clear sounds of the rhythmic cymbal, crashing waves of the Canacoma beach still crisp and refreshing; The dogs seemed to guard from looming dangers... or maybe just everything; and the roosters cry to the morning sunlight. Roosters who knew what to do- even here- all the way on the other side of the globe. This tempo and time is sacred. Nothing here has a sterile feel like back home. India allows even the dirty to become beautiful. The all-too-familiar feelings of protection or feeling alone don’t happen much in India at first. But this is simply the draw of India and exploration past the comfort zone. Mosquito nets drape over the bed at night, rudimentary wooden planks secure and barricade the front and back door, and that seems to be all the protection necessary. The Goan people have higher purpose and lead their lives without ideas of perfection, malice, jealousy, or get-rich-quick fixes. Life is simple, (beautifully dirty), and symphonic here.

The astrological journey began with the first lecture. Rick Levine, a man rich in not only astrological wisdom but nearly every subject, began our workshop. We sat on bolsters in a small covered auditorium with all open sides. The walls were replaced with beautiful colored draperies that billowed and fanned us as the tropical air blew thru. The talks were intellectual and philosophical. Rick jumped and wove from name to teaching back to historical date and from interesting tangent after the next psychedelic theory turned astrological. We believed that he was even entranced himself, as we all listened to his bite-sized insights, impeccably poignant quotes, and often timely humor. The lectures would easily and often leave some behind, but Rick warmly welcomed any questions or requests for clarity. Providing such a high level of congruency within so many subjects seemed impossible before the trip. We delved into the planets, their glyphic symbolism, their phonetic origins, and their connections with history. Retro-causality, crystallization thru super saturation, the geometry of meaning, the Golden Mean (Holy $&*% Batman), cycles, Phi, Epigenetics, Quintiles, Septiles … seriously the list goes on. In our chats, the world was expanded and contracted, shown thru macrocosms and microcosms. We felt liberated by learning and terrified of losing this current understanding. And if anything- one of the biggest lessons is that if we want to change anything in our lives, it all begins with awareness.

Our last stop was Hampi. There we saw Lakshmi, the elephant, and her famous morning bath in the river. Her keepers ride her down marble steps from her home at the temple to her bath at the Tunga-Bhadra river. No words can put the riverscape into perspective. The scene dates back to ancient times- and is still somehow preserved. The boats are made with bamboo, fabric, and coated with a tar-like material for waterproofing. The river is calm with smooth, scattered boulders only half emerging from the surface. Local people calmly bath and wash their clothes from the giant rock platforms. Across the river is an ancient staircase that spans a kilometer across the riverbank and climbs nearly the same height. Off to the right there are the ruins.

We sat waiting Lakshmi and soaked it all in. Then, Lakshmi made her princess-like walk down the ancient marble stairs. We met her half way and as she walked we could feel her massive, majestic presence. We walked closer up to her trunk- within a hands reach. She brought her trunk to her forehead and gave a blessing by resting her trunk on our heads! At last. Saved by an elephant 🐘.
We followed Lakshmi back up the staircase to her home- Virupaksha Shiva temple, an incredible display of architecture. The tower entrance reaches towards the heavens- and nearly touches it. How much more mesmerizing it would have been to witness it back in those ancient times. We walked thru the entrance, leaving our shoes at the shoe-check with a sign that read "leaf shoes hear." Undeniably insightful...

Things are so sad when they are winding down, but it is so important to remember that the sadness can only happen when we experience something worth keeping. Welcome it. Recognize it. And let it go.

Although aside from the choppy English, these Temples knew far more. Their close ties with higher power, the respect shown to elders, and the sovereignty of all life is unmatched. We walked through the temple and in different wings we came upon puja ceremonies. Aarti was the ritual we witnessed many times when we would line up to place our hands over a flame of oil lamps. We would always use the right hand and wave it over the flame and place it over our head, eyes, or heart. We would then hold out our right hand again to get a blessing from the Pujaris, Hindu priests, of Holy Basil water or sugar. We would finish our prayers and exit the temple- excited for the next site.

Throughout the journey, we learned lessons of humility, family, true beauty, and how to hold the sacred. Thank you India for all the love and lessons. Until we meet again.

Lessons (and photos) from Bali

Bali was on the list. A place to see. And just like the power of intention, the opportunity came thru one day. Taz Rashid, a transcendental + yogi DJ, was in the studio with Sandy. He had just finished the process of his first Intention Bracelet and Sandy was in-person with him guiding him through his first ceremony. Later when talking about his upcoming travel schedule, he said the magic word: BALI. Sandy and I asked more questions and found out that he was playing at the Bali Spirit Festival. Quickly we pulled up the website and discovered the festival was happening just after Sandy's 60th birthday (March 19). The intentions were set: Intention Beads would be a part of the Bali Spirit Festival and we would travel there early to celebrate Sandy's milestone. So, fast forward: Intention Beads was to sponsor the Bali Spirit Festival and flights were booked for a week and a half early arrival!

Arriving in Bali, we first stopped in the Kuta area: a big city with buzzing cars, quickly swerving motorbikes, and a hustle that excites. We stayed just outside the city limits in a quiet rice town called Seminyak at a private villa. There we reveled in the beauty and honesty of the town: the people were warm and welcoming, the food was hand delivered by the local farmers themselves, and everything had purpose. There was hardly no waste. Glass bottles were recycled to hold gasoline for a quick fill-up and the saying of "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" was widely accepted. We befriended many during our short morning walks to our favorite Bumbak Coffee, and had a Balinese 'friends-giving' feast before we set off to our next location: Ubud.

Ubud is the mecca for artisans. Nearly every storefront shows an open facade with the hard-at-work artists with their craft at hand. We saw everything from Teak wood sculptors, painters, potters, healers, farmers, and cooks. In Ubud, we discovered the people's connection to their land, ancestors, and deities. Everyday (and multiple times per day) the store owners/artisans/residents would give offerings outside of their stores and homes: collecting fresh flowers from trees, lighting a stick of Balinese incense, and placing it all (with a treat) on a woven plate made from palm. During which they would bow and meditate on their desires and gratitude (sounds familiar!). The mindfulness that we witnessed from the people was palpable and contagious. Before we had left, a mentor told me, Bali is a place where you don't have to meditate. The meditation is simply there. And he was exactly right!

Intentional Living Helps Mind & Body


It's right there all over our Instagram. Our mission at Intention Beads is to create an avenue for our customers to think positively about themselves, their actions and their lives. We offer our intentions and mantras in order for a person to get help accomplishing a certain thing they might be struggling with. For some it might not be enough to simply have a mantra to repeat everyday, so having an affirmation that you wear is a great way to remind yourself to recite and act on those words.

It is so important to live your life with a purpose and an intention, because otherwise what's the point of being put on this awesome earth with all these other fun people? Having a specific intention to work towards makes everyday great because you come closer and closer to the achievement of a goal, and who doesn't love being patted on the back? Even if the pat comes from yourself, it is an amazing feeling to know that you lived the day to the fullest and that you are being your best self.

We follow some seriously good bloggers, and we want to connect them with you! We chose some great ones that truly emulate our mission of positivity, self love and motivation. Positively Present is one in particular from which I grabbed a quote that really drives the point home:

"Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them." Brendan Francis

Imagine this...a world where our eyes and ears are not assaulted with the latest fads and trends when it comes to our physical health. Wouldn't that be something?! In my opinion, our health should not be governed by how many reps we can do of one exercise or how fast we can complete of another. Our health should be something individualized for our own body type, habits and lifestyle.

I for one abhor running outside. The impact of pavement hurts my knees and I get bored after running for even one suburban block. Gym memberships are totally affordable, but only so long as you don't consume anything but water and saltine crackers to make up the cost every month.

Don't get me wrong, physical fitness is important, and some fitness blogs we love to follow offer sage and sane advice for workout newbies like me. I especially like Born Fitness. The workouts they provide are so much more than my brain could spontaneously think to do while jamming to the new Walk the Moon album and regretting leaving my latest Netflix binge. If I was at all concerned about the amount of calories I put into my body, I would for sure reference these guys over at Born Fitness to give me delicious recipes, upbeat workouts and good stretching tips. Read Born Fitness

Something that is lacking in the department of Fitness blogs is one of the most important pillars of overall health- mentality. Here at Intention Beads, we strive to offer stability and strength to our clients in the way of Intentional Living. We are adamant in the belief that what you believe, you achieve. Our intentions are aimed towards those that are searching for a helping hand in a specific matter in their life.

What is the point of looking your best if you're not feeling your best? You can work out to your heart's content, but if the rest of your day is filled with negativity or sadness, your overall result is going to be hindered by this rather large nuance.

Workshops and Events

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to create a sacred space to explore who we are and what we yearn for. Intention Beads hosts monthly workshops and events where our clients find the answers to questions they have and are given the chance to find an inner peace they have been searching for. 


Every month there is a New Moon. It is opposite of the Full Moon and is representative of a time for action, new beginnings, a fresh start, etc. To celebrate this New Moon, we host a gathering in our studio to invite the powerful energy in and envision our path for the month. There is always a certain aspect about each month's New Moon that makes it unique. Depending on which planets or constellations are transitioning during the New Moon, the mediation and focus adjusts to align our focus with the universal shifts.

Clients come in and create their own handmade talisman while reciting a mantra they write. The experience can be extremely meaningful and truly resonates with our higher selves. Our goal is to connect you better with your own mind and emotions while giving you a physical totem to carry with you.


Along with these New Moon circles, we have consultations, or as we like to call them, chats. Our Chatting With the Stars conversations are private and open. These two to one consults are geared towards answering questions that people have. These questions can be as general or as specific as needed during their allotted 15 minute time frame. Often, people know their 'sign' depending on their birthday. You know the one, the sign we skip to when reading the monthly horoscope in the back of a magazine which tells us that this is the month where we should wear a lot of red, or ask that guy out on a date but this small paragraph on the back cover page of a tabloid is not what we do at this event.

Some popular questions we answer are:

"I have to take this test in order to pass a class or get a promotion, when is the best time for me to take it?"

"I am so miserable in my job, I know I need to change careers, but I don't know when to make the move to this new field, can you tell me when the best time is?"

"What is astrology...?"

Every person has so much more than the initial sun sign which is dependent on their birthday. Whether a client is completely new to the field of astrology or they have been following it for years, astrology nights are perfect to answer any questions or reignite a passion they may have been neglecting for some time. We love hosting events and teaching new clients all about astrology, setting intentions and how to practice they're intention daily.


Interested in being a part of an upcoming event at our studio? Take a look at our calendar and workshops on Eventbrite and reserve a seat today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you Live Your Intention!

The Story

Over 20 years ago, Sandy Rueve discovered how to make handmade clay beads that were created with colorful designs that lasted for a long, long time. She started to sell these clay beads as necklaces, bracelets and earrings; thus She Beads, her original company, was created.

The years went by and business was growing and becoming well known. Sandy was proud that she was able to take one of her hobbies into a profitable business. Later, she started a new hobby- astrology. After traveling the world for seminars and meeting with astrology mentors, Sandy realized that she could pair her love of astrology with her love of making clay beads. And thus, Sandy transformed another hobby into her newest endeavor, Intention Beads.

Essentially, Intention Beads follows the same handmade process as She Beads, however Intention Beads has much more to offer those looking to have a bigger connection to their jewelry. Sandy researches when powerful astrological transits will be taking place, and depending on which planets are transitioning, that time is noted and a corresponding affirmation is written and attached. During that noted time, she makes the beads and recites the affirmation. In this mindful state, Sandy transfers the present energy to the beads. And all in harmony, the power of the transit, the handmade talisman, and the words involved in the affirmation become a mantra for whomever will wear the talisman.


Our mission is not simply to make jewelry. Our mission is to teach our clients how to live a life filled with positivity, courage and enlightenment. We provide different pieces in our Intention line such as bracelets, Orbit Necklaces and Mala prayer beads to give people a variety to choose from. We also host workshops and events in our studio such as Astrology Consultations and meditative circles to celebrate the New Moon every month.

We encourage everyone to get in touch with us on social media in order to hear the latest news as well as gain inspiration or motivation to #LiveYourIntention


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