Bali Retreat 2018

Immerse in the culture, spirituality, nature and people of Bali. Known as the land of a thousand Temples, Bali is home to a people whose life is overflowing with spirit, love, connection, and simplicity. Please join us on this retreat we call. . .
Journey to Bali!


A 11-day retreat to discover an enriched sense of self: body, mind, & spirit. As we adventure through ancient Balinese traditions, sacred sites, and modern practices (astrology, yoga, nutrition, meditation) you will be personally guided by mentors Sandy Rueve, spiritual guides and other Balinese healers.

In Bali, I feel at home. Connected and rooted in the earth. A place where my feet are grounded, and my spirit is free. There I can effortlessly live in the beauty of each moment.
— Sandy Rueve

We will explore many different practices to help us thru this loving process of self-discovery. Among them will be astrology, yoga, some re-birthing (healing breathe of release), chanting and singing,  ecstatic dance, being in nature and, of course, diving into Balinese culture, life, and religion.

The cost of the trip is US $2,600 (airfare not included). Learn more by clicking below: