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Om Suastiastu

(Balinese: Peace + greetings from God )

I am so excited to announce my trip to Bali this coming Spring! This is already my fourth international retreat in the last two years- and I have had the time of my life! If you haven't already traveled to Bali, I'm sure it is on your "places to see" list. All of my trips to Bali have been MAGICAL: Spiritual lessons seemed to simply seep into my soul, my body felt lighter every day while eating an abundance of delicious, fresh foods, & my heart was overfilled with joy and love at every sight. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with YOU! I know from experience (and watch the video above to see what some of my attendees say) that this retreat will be transformational for you. A time to refresh, renew, release, and recharge! And, of course, the astrological happenings were precisely chosen for our trip . . .


  • Great joy & satisfaction in new relationships (Venus/Jupiter)

  • Discover inner workings within all relationships (Venus/Pluto)

  • Electric, exciting force of breaking free of old patterns/routines (Sun/Uranus)

  • High physical energy (Mars/Jupiter)

  • Layout practical details for a successful plan (Mercury/Saturn)


  • Personal Astrological guidance & workshops

  • Entry into sacred sites and Balinese temples

  • Yoga classes, meditations

  • A massage to help you unwind once you arrive!


What I need from you...

Steps to follow

  1. Print/Download the Resource PDF
    (and keep the link for future reference!)

  2. Sign the Retreat Waiver

  3. Fill out the Retreat Form
    (collecting flight info, birth info, preferences)

Since we are coming closer to the retreat it is time to get clearer on, well, EVERYTHING! So please follow the steps to the right- the links are below! The resource PDF will have your packing lists, welcome letter, contact info, etc. Also, the daily schedule and airport pick-ups/drop-off will be sent to you all once we have a clear idea of when everyone is arriving and departing!

There are still some available spaces- so if you have any friends or colleagues in mind send them the links to the retreat at and the sign-up link to a free reading

Also, below you will also find some cute social post pictures that we created to announce your trip to Bali! You can use our handles if you’d like to tag! (Facebook: @intentionbeads  Instagram: @intention_beads  #livewithintention #retreat)

With pure intention,

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Sandy Rueve
Astrologer + Alchemist
(pronounced: "ree-vee")





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